Just a short note to say Thank You for everything at the convention. Your input with the close-up is really appreciated and I have only been getting rave comments from everyone.
Testimonial: Wolfgang Riebe
I had the pleasure to see Marcel performing for a large group of people… What I have learned is that Marcel works in a very professional way: he is planning in detail, getting the show aligned to highlight the message we want to give to the client and the performance is really breathtaking.
Testimonial: Haakon Froland
You were fabulous yesterday! You added “zing” to the whole occasion. It is a rare thing to find such manual dexterity combined with fine wit and intelligent dialogue. You were given a gift, and you have cared to develop it. Treasure it – and continue to be the wonderful approachable, modest human being that you are. I am grateful to Bronwyn for the opportunity of having showcased you and seen your talent first-hand.
Testimonial: Ana-Maria Valente
Marcel Oudejans is no ordinary addition to a convention. A man of many incredible talents, Marcel will deliver a thought provoking keynote presentation. Marcel will entertain with his professional MC skills. Marcel will confuse you with magic. He will be the glue to your spectacular event.
Testimonial: Rudi Kruger – SAGIC – 2
Marcel is incredible. He joined us at our 11th Birthday party bash and kept our entire team entertained and entranced for hours. I give him my highest recommendation! Book him. Right now. Best decision you can make.
Testimonial: Gian Visser
… I would certainly recommend Marcel, he managed to bring the people alive and create a some energy. Audience really enjoyed him and participated well!
Testimonial: Shirley Ross
Marcel is incredibly professional, well groomed and a phenomenal MC and entertainer. His amazing people skills and experience reflect in the way he interpret individuals, diverse cultures as well as the crowd in general. (As a result of using Marcel) our launch had the elegance, sophistication and thrilling wow-factor we envisioned for the evening. Thank you for your priceless contribution to our launch and injecting Immaculate flair to our evening!
Testimonial: Marieta van der Sandt
My colleagues are literally elated about your performance from last night! Even people that never express compliments about anything just can’t help themselves!
Testimonial: Rosa July
As a result of using Marcel’s presentation services, not only did I have an awesome entertainer, but also an MC, which cut my costs. Marcel is extremely well organised, and so helpful! His performance from an MC to Entertainer was seamless, and the crowd interaction so much fun! His show is fresh and very entertaining.
Testimonial: Nadja Dobberstein
Marcel is, in a word, “outstanding”. He always amazes, entertains and confounds without hogging the limelight!
Testimonial: Bob Skinstand
If you’re looking for a fun, inspiring AND educational experience for your corporate event, look no further than Marcel. He has spellbound my audience several times and will have you on the edge of your seat in wonder, trying to figure out how he does his stuff. Your staff will thank you afterwards if you hire Marcel. A true professional.
Testimonial: Bruce Muzik
You are a true professional performer in every sense of the word whose personal interaction with the audience will long be remembered. I still have the neurologists trying to “get into your mind” and figure out how you perform your acts, which makes the event something to remember and still to be talked about. Thank you for [being] part of this success.
Testimonial: Taryn Jourdan
Everyone was raving about you & the laughter was contagious.
Testimonial: Qaanitah Dollie

Marcel had my team entranced from the first moment.  Every single member was completely involved with his performance and you could have heard a pin drop in between huge outbursts of amazement and laughter.  He truly is pure magic!

On a more serious note, he was able to combine some meaningful tips for doing business during tough times. He was a great success and other divisions within our company will definitely use Marcel for some fun and inspiration.

Testimonial: Jane Curtis
Marcel warmed up our audience and was very interactive with our guests including Premier Helen Zille, who thoroughly enjoyed his show. All feedback to date has scored Marcel’s performance a firm 10 out of 10.
Testimonial: Sue van der Linde
Thanks to Marcel for his interest and enthusiasm regarding our event. It was a pleasure to work with him leading up to the event as well as on the evening. He is approachable and does not place himself on a pedestal as some performers do and I really appreciated that.
Testimonial: Shannon Barry – pwc East London
Your presentation contributed to setting the mood for the rest of the successful Convention. In all our dealings with you leading up to the Convention you did exactly as agreed upon, showed real professionalism, and genuinely impressed us when meeting with you. In other words, you gave us exactly what we were promised.
Testimonial: Rudi Kruger – SAGIC
Forget any pre-conceived ideas you may have about magicians fitting in with circus acts and kids parties – this performance has world class polish that will dovetail perfectly with almost any occasion. Possibly most importantly, there is as much magic in Marcel’s ability to keep the attention of a group beyond the actual performance as there is in his ability to perform the seemingly impossible.
Testimonial: Chris Goodwin
Marcel is a man of insight and perception who is able to see opportunities for his clients and uses his talents to showcase the talents, skills and products of others. Marcel makes magic happen for others through his generous spirit and love of life. A prince of men – a good man to have promoting you and your business.
Testimonial: Zelda Mycroft
Marcel is a professional’s professional on and off the stage – friendly, fun, and fabulously engaging. For entertainment, laughter, and a deeper appreciation of the human possibility and potential.
Testimonial: Dave Rogers
A huge ‘Thank You’ to Marcel & the team. I’ve received so many emails to say “Thanks” for such an amazing event & all made possible by you!
Testimonial: Inger Truter
… thank you very much for your performance at our Gala Dinner event. Our guests were blown away by your tricks and it really set the tone for the evening. We have had great feedback from the guests who attended the dinner, and you definitely deserve a thank you for your part in making this a success.
Testimonial: Rochelle Reid
I would strongly recommend him to light up any event or get your message across in an innovative, entertaining manner.
Testimonial: Mike Stopforth
Marcel kept the afternoon light with great humour and impressive table-side magic. The guests were laughing and really enjoying his tricks throughout the afternoon. He was also a professional MC and kept everything moving along at a nice pace. I would recommend Marcel if you’re looking for an experienced magician who’s great with people. He’ll make your event easy and fun!
Testimonial: Joette Emerton
We got sparkling feedback from our guests who informed that you were absolutely impressive and really entertaining whether they were standing on their own or whether you were entertaining a whole table. Everyone was standing in awe at the quality and variety of your tricks and illusions. Our guests are extremely important to us so thanks for adding to their magical experience…
Testimonial: Claire Alexander